When you arrive for your eye health exam, we want to be sure you have a first-class experience, and that we don’t miss anything which may be important for you, your eye health, safety, protection, and comfort.

Please Bring the Following:

  • A list of your current medications by name and dose – vitamins list.
  • Any information pertaining to your routine vision coverage.
  • Your Medical Insurance Card.
  • A form of identification.
  • Your Medicare Card if you have one.
  • The means to make payment for your co-payments and other responsibilities, if required.
  • Your current eyeglasses.
  • Your current sunglasses.
  • Your current computer or reading glasses.
  • If you are a contact lens wearer bring your contacts, your contact lens ‘blister pack’, your contact lens case, your eyeglasses you wear whenever you’re on cold, flu or allergy meds, and your current sunglasses.
  • Any over-the counter eye drops not prescribed by Evergreen Vision Clinic.
  • Plan on your schedule to be with us for 90 minutes.

Our entire team will be ready to provide you an extraordinary eye health care experience.