Optical Boutique

Visit our Optical Boutique for a wide variety of frame and lens options. We offer budget-friendly pricing that is comparable to big box stores. In fact, you can get a full pair of glasses including frame and lenses with anti-reflective coating: Single Vision starting at $69 — Progressives starting at $289.

We also offer a variety of lenses that incorporate the latest technology to provide you with sharp, clear vision for your various needs – computer work, sewing, fly fishing, trail hiking/riding, skiing, golfing, pickleball, reading, driving, etc. All lenses are offered at terrific package pricing. We can also apply your Out-of-Network insurance benefits for additional savings. Receive further discounts for additional pairs of glasses purchased within 90 days of your original purchase.

At our Optical Boutique you will receive personalized care in choosing a frame that looks great and fits you well. We always take customized measurements to ensure your glasses will provide you with sharp, clear vision and will remake the lenses, if necessary, if they are not working for you.

We warranty our glasses for 1 year with a 2 year/2-time scratch warranty on lenses at no additional charge (Does not include the $69.00 Single Vision glasses). You will also receive unlimited adjustments to your frame at no additional charge.

Protecting Your Eyes

What are you doing to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light and UV Rays? Ultra Violet light can increase the risk of certain eye conditions and diseases that are often irreversible. Eyes are the only internal tissue directly exposed to ultra violet light. Wearing UV protective eyewear can help delay the onset of macular degeneration and other eye conditions. Be sure to come by to see our collection of sunglasses, Transition lenses, and blue light filters to help protect your eyes from the harsh Colorado sun as well as the harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices.