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Epigenetic Testing

xRMD, or xR is the method of naturally restoring what your body is missing, and the name comes from the mirror image of the traditional symbol for prescription “Rx”. xR is at the forefront of helping medical professionals practice medicine and our forward thinking network believes that when xR and Rx work together – the patient’s health wins! xRMD’s method is to integrate genetic testing, bio-identical hormones, nutrition and lifestyle management to create your natural prescription under the care of a qualified healthcare provider – and as you will experience, this is nothing like you’ve seen before.
If you reflect about relationships with traditional “Rx” physicians, most of us typically see them every 6-12 months and for only a few minutes. Unfortunately this is a symptom of our traditional medical system, which we believe does a great job of providing “SICKcare”, but doesn’t focus enough on our “HEALTHcare”!
With xRMD, a partnership is formed between you, your Provider, and xRMD to continuously monitor, modify and maintain your natural prescription as your body responds over time. It is an exciting and continuously evolving process that allows you to take control of your health and work with experts and professionals to maximize your quality of life.

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